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Feeling It Out

(Original DoD photo by Master Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force/Released)

It's more than just the words, it's the tone and the inference, perhaps just as much what was in between the lines as the lines themselves. After watching the inauguration, I found myself feeling sad.

Not sad because the guy I voted for didn't win - I really wasn't too excited about voting for him in the first place. Not sad because there's a different party controlling the White House - I'm not a big fan of either party right now. Not sad because of the race of anyone - that really doesn't matter to me (should it?). Not sad because of the great crises in which our nation has found itself - I'm not too convinced things are worse now than September 12th, 2001.

I'm sad because the assumption is made that our country is no longer great, that America no longer leads the world, that she needs to be restored and rebuilt. Yes, there are ways we can improve, there are things we need to deal with, there is progress to be made; however, there is no need to 'remake America'.

Our greatness is not found in what other nations and other people say, think, or feel about us. Our greatness is not found in a President, or what our politicians tell us. And our greatness does not need to be rediscovered, rewritten, retooled, or reworked for a new generation. Our greatness is found right where it has always been. Freedom, Liberty, Justice. Those principles, those ideals, don't need to be hidden so other nations will feel better, and they don't need to be reinterpreted into free health care, abortion on demand, and giving those that want to destroy us the same rights as our citizens.

I'm sad because those that opposed the policy, direction, vision of our last President simply because they did not like him, and will applaud the policy, direction, vision of our new President simply because they do like him. In the eyes of some, one could do no right, while the other can do no wrong. Blind hatred has been replaced with blind love - and both are equally dangerous.

Those that supported and stood behind our last President when they believed he was in the right, and respectfully disagreed when they believed he was in the wrong will more than likely treat our new President in a similar fashion. In the same way, those that support and defend our new President without even a show of honest consideration, intellectual effort, or moral evaluation will be those that opposed our last President just as loudly and with just as little substance.

I'm sad because the underlying message is that one President ruined everything, and one President can fix everything. I don't think there is much that is further from the truth. A President is simply a man. At best he is a man who gives himself for what he believes is best for our nation. At worst he is a man who gives our nation for what he believes is best for himself. I don't believe that either is the worst case.

But no matter what the case his leadership is never perfect, and he does not singularly control the direction of our country. Our problems cannot be attributed to a single man, or a single administration. In the same way our success is not found in a single man, or a single administration. To do that would be a great mistake.

While I'm sure it's abundantly clear that I prefer our last President, and don't agree with the premise our new President has provided at the start of his term, let me be clear. I don't wish for our new President to fail. On the contrary, may God bless him with wisdom and may he be successful. May his policies be as successful as they are right, and may he defend this great nation regardless of the political cost.

However, if his new policies are rooted in socialism and his defense of this nation mistakes those who want peaceful co-existence with those that long for freedom, then may those policies fail quickly, and without great loss.

For history shows us that they will indeed fail sometime, and sooner is certainly better for us than later.

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What really scares me is the legislative branch. If republicans had at least ONE of the two houses, there might be some willingness to leave non-essentials out. Obama seems to want to do a bit of crossing the aisle, but the rest of the dems are like kids in a candy store with 100k in cash...

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(Oxford University Press, 2008).

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(CNN) -- Somalia is known to


most Americans as the setting

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for the book and film "Black

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Hawk Down" and as the world

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center for modern-day pirates.

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Of course, many of the problems that doomed the

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